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(We follow ICAO, DGCA India & IATA Guidelines for trainings)

JANDEC is one of the premier vocational training institutes in India. Since its inception it has been consistently growing and is today recognized as the World’s No. 1 airhostess training institute and airport ground handling training institute. With a unique curriculum, pedagogy and innovative programs it has chartered a unique and high growth path not only in aviation but also in hospitality, travel management and customer services.


As an institute it has always been in touch with various industry bodies and thus recognizes industry needs in time and responds to them with quick and appropriate innovations as well as adaptation in its course curriculum as well as teaching methodologies. This constant evolution and the sprit to excel have led JANDEC being recognised as a company of repute and eminence for its professionally oriented courses.



  1. Establish the training program to organize, manage, run, charter, conduct, contract, develop, handle, own and operate all types of Aircrafts,  seaplanes, flying boats, hover crafts, helicopters, and other crafts used in air transport for the carriage of passengers, goods, mails and other items on all routes and lines on National & International level, subjects to the laws in force and to act as commission agents, booking agents, indenting agents, travel agents, fleet owners, garage owners, service station owners, cargo superintendents, cargo owners, loading and unloading contractors, couriers, liasioners, charters, package tour operators and to all incidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of the above objects.


  1. Establish the training program to acquire, provide, let, maintain and use aerodrome’s, landing stations, hangers, garages, and all other buildings and accommodation suitable for or incidental to the aerial conveyance of passengers and goods and for or in relation to the business of aerial conveyance.


  1. Establish the training program to provide for instruction and training in matters connected with aircraft or flight by aircraft, of persons employed, or desirous of being employed either by the company or by any other person.


To be the world’s leading aviation training centre and centre of excellence by following the laid down procedures by IATA, ICAO SARP’s (Standard and Recommended Practices) in relevant ICAO Annexes required in Ground handling functions at Airports & Airlines with reference to ICAO Doc related to Safety and Security required in Cabin Crew Training and Airport Ground Handling as per DGCA (India) regulatory orders issued in Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR Series).


To expand training activities on human resources development in India & (North East) with the aim to meet the challenges of a safe efficient and technologically progressive air transportation system in India (North East) considering the requirements of upcoming Seven Sister Airlines and our prestigious GHA clients by providing industry with Skilled Manpower.

To continuously enhance safety, security and efficiency for a sustainable aviation industry in Indian scenario.

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